Wedding Policies

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Congratulations on you upcoming wedding! We’re delighted that you are considering scheduling your wedding at Haxtun United Methodist Church. We believe that marriage is gift from God, and we hope to support you in your relationship with one another and the Lord. Anyone may be married in our church sanctuary, however we do have a few policies and guidelines we ask all to follow. We hope the following will prove helpful as you plan for your special day. Following these policies will make your wedding experience pleasant for both your
wedding party and the church staff. We appreciate your cooperation.

In order to reserve a wedding date on the church calendar, two things are required:
1) A cleaning deposit of $100, made out to the custodian. This deposit is refundable if the wedding is canceled.
2) Approval of the date by our pastor. No weddings, including non-member weddings, may be conducted without the pastor’s knowledge, so all weddings are scheduled at the pastor’s convenience. The participation of other pastors is also subject to our pastor’s approval.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Once the wedding has been scheduled, please contact the pastor to arrange pre-marriage counseling sessions. At least four sessions are required for all couples wishing to be married by our pastor.


There is no charge for the use of the church by members and constituents. In the case of all others, a $100 donation, payable to Haxtun United Methodist Church at the rehearsal, is strongly suggested to cover the cost of utilities and maintenance.


A member of the United Methodist Women is required to be present as a consultant to help you find what you need, and assist in the kitchen. The fee for this service is determined by the United Methodist Women, and is payable to the United Methodist Women at the time reception reservations are made. In addition, the president of the United Methodist Women will need to be contacted, the office will provide that phone number. Additional optional services from the UMW, such as catering, will be charged accordingly.

Alcohol and Smoking

In accordance with the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, alcohol is not permitted anywhere in the church building or on the grounds. Those caught drinking on the premises will be required to leave immediately, and police will be called in if they do not leave, or in the case of other alcohol-related problems. Also, in accordance with fire regulations, smoking is prohibited inside the church building.


The wedding party is responsible for placing all furniture and Sanctuary furnishings back in their original locations before leaving the building. All trash must be picked up from the building and grounds, and clothes removed from dressing rooms. Throwing rice is prohibited on the church grounds. Bird see, if used, should be swept off the front steps. All dishes used must be
washed, dried, and stored.


Two seven-candle lampstands are available. You will be responsible for their set-up and take-down, providing candles, and ensuring that the plastic mats are placed beneath them to
protect the carpet. These are located the closet next to the elevator in the northwest corner of the church’s main level. The candelabra cannot be removed from the church building without prior
approval of the chairperson of the Board of Trustees.

Photography and Videography

No flash photography is permitted during the wedding ceremony (after the bridal march). Because a wedding is a worship service, moving photographers and flashes are a distraction to everyone. However, the balcony is available for videotaping and photographing the ceremony, and you may reserve the Sanctuary before or after the service to take wedding photographs.


Although the pastor does not require a fee for church members, an honorarium is deemed appropriate. Honoraria for musicians is strongly recommended, since they devote a great deal of time to prepare for the service. So you do not have to worry about these details on your wedding day, it is suggested that all donations are paid at the time you confirm your date on the
church calendar, although honoraria can be paid at the rehearsal. However, the custodial deposit is required to reserve the Sanctuary, and the reception consultant deposit for UMW is required to
reserve the Fellowship Hall. The following list will help you calculate all the suggested fees for a standard rehearsal and wedding.

Budget Worksheet

Sanctuary Util./Maint. (made out to church)
Custodial Deposit (made out to custodian)
Pastor (Made out to the pastor)
Organist or Pianist (made out to musician)
Vocalists (each)
Tech. support (made out to support person)
Reception Consultant (UMWomen)
Reception Catering/Serving (UMWomen)
Suggested Donation or Honorarium
$100 (none for members/constituents)
Price set by UMWomen
Price set by UMWomen

For Your Information

All weddings in the church are performed with our pastor officiating or participating, unless prior arrangements are made with our pastor. It is up to the couple to select and invite an organist, pianist, or other musicians to play. These individuals are welcome to practice in the Sanctuary when other events are not scheduled. Musical selections are at the discretion of the couple, but the pastor does reserve the right to review and control the spoken content of the service. The church does not provide a consultant for the wedding service, but only for receptions downstairs. However, you are welcome to hire a consultant if you desire. Finally, please remember to bring the marriage license to your rehearsal.

Thank You

We are glad you chose to have your wedding at Haxtun United Methodist Church. We sincerely hope that you will have a beautiful day, getting your marriage off to a great start. If you have any question please feel free to call upon us at any time. The office and pastor may be reached at 774-6418. Thank you very much.